The Best Lessons Are Always the Hardest

Stories like this shouldn't have surprised me as a professional in this space.

James Rundle for the WSJ:

New York’s Suffolk County began restoring online services and reconnecting its systems to the internet Friday, five months after being taken offline due to a September ransomware attack.

Yeah. Five months to 'fully recover'. The real kick in the teeth is this:

The county doesn’t have cyber insurance, and wouldn’t be eligible for coverage anyway, Chief Deputy County Executive Lisa Black said, owing to the enhanced security requirements that insurers now require from policy holders.

Let's Repeat for Those in the Back.

  1. Hit by ransomware
  2. Five months to fully recover
  3. Didn't have cybersecurity insurance (then)
  4. Still doesn't because the don't meet the minimum requirements (now).

The only folks who are truly surprise are those who aren't paying attention. We need to do better team.